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Affidavit attestation services in Dubai, UAE

Affidavits attestation services in Dubai

Affidavits are used frequently and for a variety of purposes, but instead of a contract or agreement, many people are unsure of what an affidavit is and how it is used. You’ve probably already put your signature on an affidavit at some point in your life.

A written confirmed declaration of fact made voluntarily by an affiant or deponent under reasonable grounds administered by a person qualified to do so by law is known as an affidavit. A person who administers oaths, such as a commissioner of oaths or notary public, witnesses the declaration as to the veracity of the affiant’s signature. We work with the UAE Embassy affidavit attestation in Dubai. All countries that have signed the Hague Convention may use our services. We welcome all submissions and academic and other personal and commercial documents.

In order for your affidavit to be considered as legal and valid in the UAE, affidavit attestation is a necessary step. The attestation of an affidavit for use in the UAE can be successfully completed by power Attestation services.

The Importance of doing Affidavit attestation

Affidavits of attestation are necessary to show the relevant authorities that the person is swearing on behalf of the veracity of the statements made in the affidavit. In the presence of numerous witnesses, an affidavit is attested. Attesting an affidavit in the UAE is required for the following purposes:

✔️ Declaring possession of a specific legal document.
✔️ To inform someone that a person has passed away or that a divorce is being filed.
✔️ To own, buy, or rent out property.
✔️ To verify someone’s identity, a name change, or residency.
✔️ To provide testimony in court by making a written statement.


Details required to be included in affidavits to be used in the UAE are as follows:

Name of the affidavit

Any type of affidavit needs to have a title and a caption. The affidavit’s title gives a general idea of what it contains. Along with the case number, this information should also include the court’s jurisdiction.

Information about the parties named in the affidavit

This needs to be the affidavit’s introduction. Only the information that is absolutely necessary about the parties involved should be included in this section.

References to additional documents

There will be references to other attached documents under this section. If there are any additional case-related references, they may be listed as an exhibit and attached to the affidavit (mostly attached at the end of every affidavit).

Conclusion to an affidavit

There should be a proper conclusion to every document, and an affidavit is no exception. Affidavits may include confirmation in this section that the information provided is accurate and that all facts have been acknowledged by the signatories.

Affidavit closure with a notary public and a signature

This section covers obtaining significant signatures from a notary public.

Different types of affidavit attestation services in Dubai, UAE

In countless of situations where you might be asked to complete an affidavit, lawyers and legal consultants in Dubai always give clients advice to help them avoid putting themselves at risk of getting into legal trouble. In UAE we can help you to complete attestation procedures for following types of affidavits, including:

Attestation of Affidavit self-proving in Dubai, UAE

This affidavit establishes that the testators created their wills freely and without being pressured into doing so.


Attestation of Affidavit of support or Statement of support in Dubai, UAE

The acceptance of legal responsibility for providing financial support for any person, who may or may not be a family member or relative, is known as an affidavit of support. This is frequently prepared to assist a person who is related by blood or to assume responsibility for anyone.

Attestation of Affidavit of Passport Loss in Dubai, UAE

An affidavit can be used to request a new passport in the event that a document is misplaced, stolen, burned down, or otherwise destroyed. The passport’s country of issue and the name of the owner, among other information, may be included in this affidavit.

Attestation of Joint witness affidavit for a marriage in Dubai, UAE

The purpose of this affidavit is to serve as a witness to a marriage, which is necessary for the majority of nations to get married. Additionally, the names of two or more people may be included here. Each witness is qualified to serve as a witness to the marriage, according to this document.

Attesting letter of affidavit for court action in Dubai, UAE

This is a formal record created to give a description of a person or an event. This is a legal document created by the hired attorney or another legal representative that includes important details that can be used as evidence. This is a written declaration that can be used as proof in court.

Documents required for Affidavits attestation services in Dubai

✔️ original certificate of the affidavit
✔️Affidavit certificate photocopy
✔️ Passport photocopy
✔️ Color photos
✔️ Proof of address

The Process for Affidavits attestation services in UAE

✔️ First Notary
✔️ Home Division
✔️The Department of External Affairs
✔️ the embassy of the United Arab Emirates

Why Power attestation services to be used in Dubai, UAE for attestation of Affidavits

Financial affidavits, support affidavits, affidavits of heirship, affidavits of small estates, affidavits of death, and many other types of affidavit attestation are all handled by power service Attestation. For affidavits of attestation, we offer knowledgeable and experienced support so that your credit is not harmed. We advise you to seek assistance from Power Attestation services, which offers top-notch service for affidavit attestation in Dubai from the UAE embassy, as an affidavit should contain important information and should not contain conjecture.

After that, the customer receives the attested documents. We strongly advise that you seek our executives’ guidance and advice before moving forward because doing so requires a great deal more information and knowledge about the procedure.

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