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5 easy steps to get a marriage certificate attested in UAE

steps to get a marriage certificate attested in UAE

Marriage certificate attestation is the act of witnessing a marriage certificate with an authorized person’s and department’s official seal and signature. It is a formal document that declares and validates two people’s marriage and relationship. It refers to the process of validating a marriage certificate for international usage. A married individual traveling to another country must have a valid marriage certificate and have it attested. Marriage certificate attestation is required all around the world to confirm people’s relationship status. A marriage certificate is a legal document that confirms the legal marriage of the people named on it. The certificate will contain information on the couple, such as their name, age, and location, as well as the day of the wedding.

The following are the stages involved in validating or attesting a marriage certificate for usage in the UAE:

🔹 Learn about certificate attestation requirements.

🔹 Contact an attestation company in the UAE.

🔹 Submit the documents to the attestation company at your selection.

🔹 Be patient while your paperwork is processed.

🔹 Collect an attested certificate.

Step 1: Learn about certificate attestation requirements.

The first step in obtaining an attestation for your marriage certificate is to ensure you already have the necessary certificates. The requirements for a marriage certificate can change depending on the issuing nation and the language used. But, most state offices, including the UAE embassy and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, require the following general documentation:

Valid government-issued identification – it is advised that each party to the contract to a marriage provide both their passport and residency visa (original and two photocopies).

Marriage certificate for attestation – The marriage certificate must be issued by an appropriate authority. If specific terms or entries on the marriage certificate are readable, the national government must update them.

The authorization letter for marriage certificate attestation – If you are hiring a third party to process the marriage certificate attestation, you will need an authorization letter. Exporting the task of attesting certificates might help ensure that the process is completed correctly and on time. Submitting a notarized authorization letter can help ensure that the attestation process runs well.

Application form for marriage certificate attestation, fully completed.

Step 2: Contact an attestation service in the UAE.

Once you’ve collected all of the requirements, contact a reputable attestation service provider in your location. Make certain you arrive within office hours. To avoid waiting in line, make an appointment. A firm that provides attestation services in the UAE for marriage certificates can give you application forms that must be completed and submitted to the state authorities of your home country and the UAE.

Step 3: Submit the documentation to the firm of your choice.

Submit the completed application forms for the several state departments that must certify your marriage certificate, together with the additional required. Pay the processing cost for the complete authentication process as well. Most trustworthy service providers based in UAE will seek a one-time payment for the processing of your legal document with multiple government authorities. When you pay the cost and submit the requirements, ensure sure the service provider offers a guarantee for the service. Also, make certain that there will be no hidden fees. Keep copies of the formal receipt from the attestation firm.

Step 4: Wait for your document to be processed.

Your marriage certificate must be verified by four different state authorities. These are the procedure you need to follow while attesting the document:

Notary attestation – The first stage in the attestation process is to get your certificate validated by a notary in your area. This is usually in the form of a stamp and signature on the certificate. The most basic requirement of the verification process is notary attestation. As a result, getting any document certified in India is usually the first step.

Attestation from the department of origin – The second step is to have the document attestation from the home department. Personal documents such as birth certificates, death certificates, and marriage certificates are authenticated by the home department. The home department and its assigned officers are directly responsible for attesting personal documents.

Sub-divisional Magistrate (SDM) – The SDM serves as an alternate to the home department and, in some situations, the HRD. But, keep in mind that some authorities require home department attestation. The sub-divisional governor is not under the control of the state government.

Ministry of External Affairs – The Ministry of External Affairs is the central government department in charge of the country’s external affairs. The MEA Attestation is the final stage before the document is attested by the UAE embassy.

Embassy Attestation -In most cases, embassy attestation is the final step. The attestation is carried out by staff from the UAE’s embassy.

Step 5: Collect an attested certificate.

To collect your attested certificates from the attestation service agencies, you should present the official receipt that was given by the attestation service provider at the time of attestation. If you are obtaining the certified document on behalf of another person, you must have to provide a power of attorney.

After receiving the legalized/attested marriage certificate, double-check for faults or errors.

Tips for Marriage Certificate Attestation in the UAE

✔️ The various state departments do not demand personal appearance for document attestation. An authorization letter is required if you are not processing a certificate’s attestation yourself.

✔️ The attestation charge differs based on the state department engaged in the process. For a more detailed price, it is best to talk with a service provider.

✔️ A marriage certificate must be attestation stamped or sealed before it can be used in the UAE. Without the attestation stamps/seals, local authorities will not consider the certificate to be legal and genuine.

✔️ There is no need for attestation if a marriage certificate was issued in the UAE or locally, especially if the document would be utilized locally.

The attestation of a marriage certificate indeed requires a lot of work and time. Fortunately, the entire authentication procedure can be completed with the help of professionals. If you want to learn more about how to attest to a marriage certificate, contact attestation service agencies in UAE.

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