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After marriage, how do you update your name on your Visa, Emirates ID, and other documents issued in the UAE?

update your name on your Visa

After your marriage, many of you may be wishing to update your maiden name on vital documents issued in the UAE. Therefore, you must have your updated passport with your new name before updating it on any documents issued in the UAE, such as a residence visa, an Emirates ID, a driver’s license, or a title deed. Female expatriates have the option of applying for a new passport with a surname change at either their home consulate or one in the UAE. Depending on your consulate or embassy, a passport application may cost more or less money. All UAE-issued documents, including the resident visa, Emirates ID, driver’s license, and title deed, must correspond to the person’s updated information.

List of documents for which you must change the name After Marriage:

Now that the weddings are done, it’s time to make sure that everything is updated so that you can use your partner’s last name going forward. When you are sure of exactly which locations you need to update your name with, this may not seem so difficult.

Card for Social Security

Obtaining a new social security card is the main concern you should have. You need this for just about everything, therefore it needs to be the first item you change. It not only creates a lasting connection with the Social Security Administration, but it also assists in establishing your identity. You will often need to create a duplicate of your certified marriage license and submit an application for a new security card, however, the specific procedure will range depending on your location. Sending this in or taking it to the nearby office are both options. You just need to wait for your new card to arrive in the mail after that is finished.

Driving License

The next thing you should do is modify your license’s name. This is significant since you provide your license to various organizations to verify your identity. Due to the lack of a photo, these organizations frequently won’t accept a social security card alone, therefore you should double-check the facts. Take your social security card with your new name on it to the DMV as soon as possible. Although you shouldn’t need it, you might want to bring your formal marriage license anyhow. You simply need to take a fresh picture and update all of your information once you arrive. It is remarkably similar to the license renewal procedure.


The name and information on your passport must match those on your license to leave the country. There’s a risk you could face issues or perhaps be refused entry or exit if these items don’t line up. You must submit a form together with your current passport, a verified copy of your marriage license, and a color passport photo to change your name. All of these must be mailed to the US Department of State. You just need to wait for your new passport to be sent to you after submitting everything.

Accounts in banks

The best course of action is to contact and ask what they require as the required documentation for changing your name change from bank to bank. The technique can be carried out in a few different ways. The first step is to go visit the bank and provide the paperwork. The name on your account can be changed right there. The alternative is to email or fax everything. The effects will be the same, but it will take a little longer.

change the name After Marriage:

Methods for updating your other documents After Marriage:

You have to follow some methods while updating your spouse’s name in your documents. These things include;

Marriage certificate legalization: Your marriage certificate attestation must be legalized by the foreign ministry of the country where you got married, attested at the UAE embassy there, and officially translated into Arabic. The same document must then be attested by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MOSAIC).

Create a legal document: you can do this by submitting supporting documents, including copies of your passports with the old and new names, to the consulate or embassy of your nation, or a law firm.

Update your residence visa: In Dubai, you must submit an application to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA), and in other emirates, you can submit an application to the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) by submitting a request for a name change and the required fees. You must submit copies of your passports for this; after it is accepted, a new visa will be stamped on your passport.

Update your Emirates ID: To update your Emirates ID, visit an ICA service center and fill out an application to change your personal information. You must upload a copy of your passport and your updated visa page. You will get your Emirate ID once it has been authorized.

Update your driver’s license: By presenting your New Emirates ID at the traffic department of the emirate where it was issued, you can ask to have the information on your driver’s license changed.

Documents Required for Update name in Documents after Marriage in UAE

✔️ For both men and women, a certified copy of the passport photograph page,

✔️ National identification card (valid original, with a valid photocopy of the card’s information page)

✔️ Birth certificate attestation of the candidate

✔️ original marriage certificate (if married abroad, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country where the marriage was registered should certify the original and issue a translation into English or Arabic).

✔️ School certificate attestation

✔️ On the basis of these documents, the marriage certificate will be processed. If any of the documents are not in Arabic or English, the original documents should be accompanied by certified translations into Arabic or English. The Ministry reserves the right to request additional documents or information to verify a marriage.

How long will it take to update a document's name:

Before you file for a name change, you probably want to know how long it takes for the court to approve the name change. Because several factors can affect the confirmation time for a name change.

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