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How to Avoid Various Types of Official Document Frauds with Verification or Attestation Services?

Official Document Frauds with Verification or Attestation Services

A document verification service is a major tool for an organization to check the authenticity of its originals. The idea of “document verification services” is to have an expert check the authenticity of any document that you send to a company. The verification company or management services company performs the service for one or more documents and verifies their authenticity. This will help to verify the authenticity of a document using a set of standardized trees, which are used to ensure that other trees in the file match those present in the original document.

Many firms have been forced to relocate their services online as a result of modern digitization and a global pandemic. As a result, there has been an increase in various sorts of identity fraud. Identity theft and other illegal actions have increased, and this article will look at the different types of identity fraud and how to avoid them.

Mail Fraud

Mail fraud is defined as any illegal activity that involves the use of postage mail. This could include mailing a letter to attempt to trick someone out of money or personal information, stealing and opening someone else’s mail, or using chain letters to collect money or stuff.
Mail fraud occurs when mail is used at any point during the fraud process.

How to Avoid Mail Fraud

The easiest technique to avoid mail fraud is to double-check a letter before replying to it. If a phone number appears on what appears to be official correspondence, make sure it is the phone number of the company in question and not a forgery.

Driver's License Fraud

A driver’s license is required for many things, including boarding a plane, opening a bank account, and, of course, driving legally. Therefore, it seems logical that some individuals would attempt to obtain your driver’s license to carry out these activities under your name.
Someone who has been issued a driver’s license in your name can severely damage your reputation without your knowledge! Of course, traffic tickets are an issue, but you should be more concerned about someone committing more serious crimes under your name. If the scammer occurs to live in your state, you may have difficulty renewing your license.

How to Protect From Driver’s License Fraud

If you learn that someone has obtained a false driver’s license in your name, contact your state DMV immediately to get it cancelled. You should also keep an eye on your credit record to ensure that the thief isn’t using your information for other sorts of fraud.

Medical Care Fraud

When a person, an insurance company, or a medical facility uses insurance information for their gain, healthcare/medical fraud occurs. If a criminal obtains your health insurance information and utilizes it for medical care, it could have a significant negative effect on you. Health care fraud is estimated to cost the industry more than dollars annually by the National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association.

How to protect from health care fraud

Keep track of all your medical bills, insurance claims, and personal information to prevent this kind of fraud. It’s crucial to double-check any statements you get from your doctor’s office or health insurance company. Contact your insurance company right away to report any services that are listed that you didn’t receive.

Fraud on debit and credit cards

Your debit or credit card number being stolen by a thief is, very simply, fraudulent behaviour. This may occur if either the card number or the actual card is stolen.

How to avoid being a target of debit or credit card fraud

Advise keeping a weekly eye on your bank account. You can then immediately get in touch with the card issuer to begin the clean-up procedure if you discover any unauthorized charges on your bank or credit card bills.

Protect your cards carefully to prevent someone from stealing your numbers. If you haven’t already switched to chip cards, this is an excellent opportunity to do so because they are more secure than cards that merely have a magnetic strip.

Additionally, you need to tread carefully while using an ATM somewhere other than your bank. These third-party ATMs can occasionally be tampered with by hackers using tools called skimmers that take your information.
Do not ever store your credit card numbers online. When shopping online, think about using a service like PayPal rather than entering your debit card information on a third-party website.

official documents fraud

Fraud on your certificate attestation

To utilize your certificates in a foreign country for a job or educational purposes, attestation is required. To grow a company globally or engage in international trade, this verification process is also essential.

In UAE, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) contracts with officially recognized organizations to conduct the delicate attestation process. This measure is taken into consideration to prevent instances of fake certificate attestation and to easily and efficiently deliver attestation services.

To complete the task quickly and to save money, consumers frequently unintentionally use the certificate attestation services of unauthorized firms. Or because the customers lack the necessary knowledge of document attestation and unknowingly fall for the scam perpetrated by con artists who guaranteed to provide quick, accurate, and affordable attestation services. Unauthorized organizations are not permitted to seek attestation from the relevant state department, MEA or foreign embassy.

You acquire a certificate with a fake attestation when the fraud does not have the legal right to approach the relevant authorities to handle the certificate attestation process. One of the main causes of being prohibited from applying for a visa to any foreign nation is fake attestation on a certificate.

How Can Fake Certificate Attestations Be Prevented

It is difficult to determine whether your certificate has gotten an authentic or fake attestation. You might see why prevention is always regarded as better than treatment. Therefore, take measures to prevent getting oneself into difficulty with a fraudulent certificate attestation. Take the steps outlined below to avoid false certificates being attested.

🔹 Check the company’s Google reviews.
🔹 Study the organization’s history.
🔹 Choose an authorized agency to certify your certificates.
🔹 Conduct research to identify agency offices throughout the country
🔹 Contact the company’s courier partner to see whether they are real or not.
🔹 Visit the company’s headquarters and interact with the employees and customers.
🔹 Collect information on the attestation services so that you may ask your agent relevant questions to assess his skills and knowledge.

If you receive a fake document, be careful not to panic. The best thing to do is to consult with an expert who can help you get your work approved by the anti-fraud department. As a result, it is critical to conduct a thorough examination or attestation of the document you receive, regardless of whether it is a forged document or not. This will protect both you and your clients against all kinds of fraud.

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