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How to Check if Your UAE Attestation Stamp and Seal are Original or Fake?

UAE Attestation Stamp

It is unavoidable to skip the UAE attestation when submitting a document for official purposes in the UAE. The authentication or authorization of educational, non-educational, or commercial documents is a time-consuming process involving multiple offices and departments. It is best to entrust the attestation of the certificate to the best certificate company in Dubai.

So, how can you be certain that the UAE attestation you select is genuine? What happens if a forged certificate is submitted? In this article, we will go over everything you need to know about Your certificate attestation in UAE.

Numerous operators validate first declarations unlawfully without knowing who the approval holder is. Before conducting their own department’s verification of approval, some offices fail to examine the originality of the previous confirmation. Because there is currently no online office available to check the innovation of verified archives, fake authentications frequently go unnoticed. As a result, not even the owner of the archive is capable of identifying a fake authentication.

In a few of these cases, fake stamps and seals of the relevant services were used by brokers. The theft is only discovered when the reports are displayed for verification at the specific international safe places for handling visas.

How is the UAE attestation verified?

In other words, it is very challenging to tell whether an attestation is real or not. To confirm the authenticity of the service you choose for UAE attestation, an expert’s eye and examination will be required. The swindlers will pose as officials and use specially designed seals and signature prints. Often, the aspirant will realize their mistake after a thorough examination when the authorities point it out.

You can also double-check the attestation before submitting it to the proper authority. However, given the number of offices involved, it could be a difficult task. You may not be able to confirm its authenticity unless you follow the same path as the certificate attestation.

Look for the top officials in charge of certificate attestation in the UAE. Confirm their signature style, time to attestation, and any quirks they may have. Contrast the seal on the document with the real one (if you can get it). Whether or not the signature appears to be forged.

Fake attestations are punished in the UAE.

The most important point to remember is that submitting a duplicate or forged attested certificate is against the law. If the authorities discover that the certificate you submitted was forged, you could face serious consequences. Even though an attestation agency handled the process on your behalf, you are the main cause.

Fake documents, such as degree certificates and HRD documents, can result in a lifetime ban. Yes, authorities can arrest you or ban you from applying for a job, higher education, or a resident visa. Aside from that, a hefty fine and possible imprisonment will be imposed. It is important to remember that selecting a UAE attestation service without first conducting a thorough background check is risky.

The reverse of the Originals is attested. If the originals have been laminated, we will take them off and complete the attestation. However, it cannot be ruled out that a fragile document could sustain damage. In these situations, we advise getting new ones issued.

How to Avoid Fake Attested Certificates in the UAE

🔹 Check to see if the attestation agency in the UAE has offices in the certificate’s country of origin to handle the formalities.

🔹 Examine the company’s courier partner to determine their dependability.

🔹 Check to ensure that the service you select for UAE attestation is legitimate.

🔹 Before entrusting the job to the company, conduct a background check on them.

🔹 Inquire with co-workers, friends, or family members about attestation companies in Dubai that they have used.

🔹 Please contact the firm’s team to learn more about their capabilities, expertise, and experience.

🔹 If the client’s personal stories are available online, read them.

The guidelines outlined above can assist you in determining whether the attestation service you select is genuine. You should be aware, however, that confirming the agency is not a conclusive process. Make certain that you are well aware of the service provider and their certification, and that you are kept informed at all stages of the process.

Certificates that need to be attested in the UAE

🔹 Educational certificate attestation includes degree certificates, diplomas, transcripts of records, and others.

🔹 Personal certificates that attest to events such as marriage, birth, death, singleness, experience, and police records.

🔹 Powers of attorney, business licenses, invoices, salary certificates, and other commercial certificates serve as attestations.

How to check whether the MOFA attestation is True or Fake.

Certificate attestation assists with identity verification by demonstrating the authenticity of the document or certificate. Since fake documents are on the rise everywhere, having attested certificates gives you complete control over certificate possession. Take Advantage of These Benefits by Hiring a MOFA Attestation Service.

You must make sure that all of your documents are attested before leaving for the UAE or while you are there. You must submit the original document and a photocopy of your passport for UAE attestation. We are experts in the field of document clearing and a reputable business with a staff that is both highly qualified and experienced. Our business adheres to a set of procedures during the attestation process to ensure that no documents disappear—not even accidentally. Each document receives special attention during the entire attestation process, from collection to delivery.

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