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Why it is important to get your police clearance certificate from your country while applying for jobs in the UAE?

A police clearance certificate (PCC) serves as proof of a person’s good behavior and conduct. It certifies that the PCC holder has no criminal records and guarantees his or her good character. It is an official document issued after the police conduct a background check to determine whether the applicants have any criminal records. It’s also known as a “Criminal Clearance Certificate” or a “Good Conduct Certificate.”

When should you need PCC in UAE?

This document is required if you are applying for a new job in the UAE or relocating abroad. It is becoming more common to be asked to provide a PCC and a background check as part of your job application.

🔹 If the applicant is interested in pursuing a career.

🔹 In the case of immigration and visa processing.

🔹 As a character certificate, at the request of the employers.

What documents are needed to get a Police clearance certificate in UAE?

🔹 application formats that were provided by the authority.

🔹 A color procreation of the applicant’s UAE identity card.

🔹 Complete set of fingerprint impressions (if required).

🔹 Six passport-sized photos.

🔹 A letter stating the reason for applying for a Police Clearance Certificate.

🔹 Photocopies of your current and previous passports that have been self-attested.

🔹 A copy of your residence permit/work permit/dependent pass/appointment letter, and so on.

🔹 Proof of the applicant’s most recent residential address.

Even if your application has been rejected, how do you still get PCC?

Unfortunately, the passport police verification is unsuccessful. Possible situations could apply. For example, a student requested a passport. He completed the application for a digital passport. The address where he currently resides was required on that application. The important point is that the user must enter the current address. You must enter the same address even if you are only staying temporarily. It would be regarded as an invalid passport police verification document otherwise. Your police verification is also rejected.

It’s nothing to be upset or afraid of. You should exercise patience. You can correct your police verification. Let’s look at the steps to know how to apply to have your PCC issued again:

✔️ Obtain a report on the cancellation of your police clearance certificate. It comes from the Passport where your passport documents have been verified. The cancellation letter was delivered by the passport office to the address you provided on the passport application form.

✔️ Within the allotted time, visit the Passport office (as mentioned in the letter). Your subsequent attempt to reapply for the passport or visa will be rejected if you don’t respond within the required time frame. You must discuss the matter with the appropriate authority.

✔️ Keep in mind that the authority typically gives you just 30 days to respond to the unsuccessful police verification. However, the passport authority reserves the right to change that deadline at any time.

✔️ Justifications for the rejection of your PCC application must be provided. You will receive the passport and the authorized police verification if you are effective in convincing the PSK authority.

✔️ Bring your old passport original and photocopy (first two and last two pages) as well as current address documentation to the PSK when you visit.

police clearance certificate in UAE

Is it Possible to apply for PCC After leaving UAE?

Even if you have left the UAE, you can still apply for a PCC online. you have to provide birth certificates or Id proof to prove your address. Your fingerprint card would need to be attested by the UAE Embassy in your home country.

A fingerprint card is an official police report that confirms your identity using biometrics and a decimal fingerprint.

The following documents are required for an online PCC application from a foreign country:

🔹 A fingerprint card has been approved by the UAE Embassy.

🔹 Two passport-sized photos were taken recently.

🔹 A copy of your current passport.

🔹 A duplicate of your UAE visa.

🔹 The purpose of the application.

Can the same PCC be used in more than one country?

Each certificate attestation is produced in the UAE with the intent that it only be used there. If clearance is required for use in more than one country, applications must be submitted separately for each nation. When submitting the application, you have the choice of asking for an English or an Arabic version.

How long is the validity of the clearance certificate?

The certificate’s expiration date may change significantly. It might be the time period specified on the certificate or depending on the requirements set forth by the countries where the certificate will be used or the time period specified on the certificate.

For instance, as stated on the certificates, police clearances for the UAE are valid for three months following the date of issuance. For the sake of unity among different jurisdictions, Australia, however, accepts police certificates for a period of 12 months following the dates of their issuance for both visa and citizenship applications. In contrast, regardless of the certificate’s stated validity period, only accepts certificates that are submitted within 3 months of their issuance.

You can obtain a police clearance certificate in both Arabic and English for use in the office. You must also pay a fee for the entire process, which varies depending on the language, applicant’s nationality, and place of residence. In most cases, your PCC will arrive in the UAE within 2-3 working days.

Once you have obtained the police clearance certificate, you can have it attested by the appropriate authorities for legalization and validity proof for official use. You can hire professional attestation services for this purpose based on your needs. PCC is a required document for certain purposes, and there are numerous service providers who can assist you throughout the process for easy and quick processing.

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