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How to sponsor a new-born baby and apply for a residence visa in the UAE.

sponsor a new-born baby and apply for a residence visa in the UAE

If a child is born in the UAE, first you need to apply for the child’s birth certificate and then passport application which is followed by the residence visa application. The child’s birth should be registered at the Dubai Health Authority within 14 days of birth, and then the birth certificate is issued and a copy should be submitted to the Department of Immigration and Naturalization at the Ministry of Interior. This is where you will apply for the residence visa under your child’s name.

If you are a resident, you can apply for a residence visa for your new-born baby in the UAE. However, if you aren’t a resident, you need to produce a letter of invitation from the resident sponsor. The sponsor has to be either the baby’s parent or a relative of the parent.

How to approach the authorities to issue a visa for a new-born baby in Dubai, UAE

If you get married outside of the UAE, make sure your marriage certificate is verified. To open a file for pregnancy in a hospital in the UAE, a certified copy of a marriage certificate is required. Copies, as well as the original attested document, will be required. 

The UAE Ministry/Dept of Foreign Affairs will also certify whether your marriage is legal or not. It is always recommended to have to go to management service provider companies in Dubai for quick visa services. You can save time and money by outsourcing the visa assistance firms in UAE.

How to Obtain a New Baby Visa in the UAE

While residing in the UAE, if you give birth to a child, you must apply for a visa. The visa must be issued as quickly as possible, as and no later than 120 days after the applicant’s birth. Every extra day results in a 100 AED fine. Without a current residency visa, the infant is not permitted to leave the UAE. You will need the following documents to apply for your New Born Baby Visa in the UAE:

🔹 The receipt application from the hospital for your new-born baby.

🔹 The original passport of the child.

🔹 Passport size photos.

🔹 Original and copy of baby’s birth certificates.

🔹 The official marriage certificates of parents

🔹 A copy of the sponsor’s passport

The process to Get a New-born Child's Resident Visa for the UAE

The first step in obtaining a new-born’s resident visa is to obtain the birth certificate from the hospital. The hospital will issue you an Arabic birth certificate; you will need to have it translated into English before applying for the visa.

You can apply for the new-borns passport with the birth certificate at the relevant Home Office or Embassy. To apply for a passport, you only need to provide the attested birth certificate and two passport-sized photographs of the new-born. It may take 1-4 weeks to obtain the new-born baby’s passport.

Steps to Apply for New-born baby residence visa in UAE

Fill out the application form for a residence visa at an approved typing center. Please keep in mind that only an approved typing center is permitted to complete the application form.

The completed application form would then be forwarded to the GDRFA’s [General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs] residence section for processing. You will be required to pay the necessary fees at the GDRFA office.

You will receive the new-born’s visa and its stamped passport via courier within. You can also obtain a stamped passport on the spot by paying the necessary additional fees.

How much time it will take to get a new E-visa for a child?

It takes 48 hours to receive an e-visa after submitting all required documents to Amer Centre or the typing center and once the process is initiated by them.

Is it mandatory to get Health Insurance for a new-born baby in UAE?

Yes, health insurance is required in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and family members must obtain at least basic health coverage, known as the Essential Benefits Plan in Dubai. If you are applying for a family member or a dependent, you must specify your relationship. Choosing a health insurance policy with New Born Child coverage benefits will protect your baby from the high costs of quality medical care – often for the rest of the child’s life. However, the new policy for the new-born will be subject to the group or individual policy’s underwriting conditions.

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