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Sponsoring your parents in the UAE: Everything you need to know before applying for a parent’s visa

Sponsoring your parents in the UAE

Everyone wants to live in the United Arab Emirates, as is well known, for a variety of reasons, but obtaining a visa might be challenging.

For a single person, it might be quite simple, but for someone who wants to travel with his parents, it might be very challenging.

There are several reasons why someone might want to move to the UAE with their family, including the increase in the availability of work options, very competitive pay packages, business opportunities, and educational facilities.

Requirements and steps for obtaining your parents' visa in the UAE


Both parents should be present; they should have a marriage certificate that has been attested as well as any other legal justification. Such documents require attestations from the UAE Embassy in the country of residence and the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Minimum Salary:

The minimum pay for the sponsor should be AED 20,000, you will also need to pay a deposit for each parent if you want to sponsor them for a year’s stay.

According to the GDRFA, you must sponsor both parents jointly, with the exception of situations involving death or divorce, for which you must provide documentary proof. Additionally, it must be demonstrated that you are the parents’ entire source of support before you may sponsor them.

Step-by-Step Guide for Obtaining a Parent Visa in Dubai

You have to follow some steps while obtaining parent’s visa at Dubai.

🔹 Visit a typing center and turn in all the required paperwork

🔹 Pay the resident visa processing cost.

🔹 Wait for DNRD to send you a text message

🔹 Parent, come to Dubai.

🔹 medical examination

🔹 Request a stamp for your visa stamp.

🔹 To have a visa stamped, bring your parent’s passport to the DNRD office.

Everything you need to know before applying for a parent’s visa

The following documents need to be submitted while applying for or for sponsoring parent's visa:

When you want to sponsor your parents, you need to submit documents. These are as follows:

🔹 Sponsor Emirates ID (Original).

🔹 Sponsor passport page, and sponsor residency visa. (Validity of at least six months minimum).

🔹 Holders of partner or investor visas must submit MOA, a list of their trade license copies, and company and personal statements over the previous six months.

🔹 Birth certificate attestation of both sponsor and parents.

🔹 A valid salary certificate is required if the sponsor is a government, semi-government, or free zone, employee.

🔹 Valid labour contract, if the sponsor works in the private sector (issued by MOHRE).

🔹 A recent electricity bill if the sponsor owns the home (Not rented).

🔹 Copies of the parents’ passports in colour and one picture with a white background Minimum 6-month passport and current visa validity (if Inside Country).

🔹 The consular must provide a consanguinity certificate, which must be properly attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of the UAE, and translated into Arabic.

🔹 School certificate attestation

🔹 For nationalities from (Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iraq), A parent’s national ID is required.

🔹 Three-month bank account statement stamped with the bank’s logo. The print from the internet won’t be accepted.

🔹 IBA for the sponsor account.

Procedure for getting a visa for parents in Dubai, UAE:

If the sponsor has residence issued from another Emirate, go to the Amer center closest to you in Dubai or apply the E-channel online.

Step 1:  to request an entry permit.

Step 2: Apply to change status if you’re already within the nation, or enter the country after your entry permit has been approved (if the person is outside the country)

Step 3: Complete the Emirates ID application at any authorized typing facility and the medical examination at a hospital, clinic, or another facility that has received government approval.

Step 4: Process the required Health Medical Insurance in

Step 5: Submit the necessary paperwork to the immigration office for stamping the resident visa.

Step 6: Obtain confirmation that the residency visa permit has been issued.

Step 7: Present your original passport to the Immigration Department for your last visa stamp.

Step 8: Issuance of an Emirates ID card

Other Important Information

🔹 To avoid a fine, you must ensure that the current entry visa has enough time left on it (if your parents are in the UAE), as urgent cases are handled by a committee that is not responsible for fines.

🔹 The decision of the committee is final and cannot be changed.

🔹 The committee has complete authority to accept or reject a transaction, provided that all terms and conditions are met.

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