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How to Start a Business with No Experience, idea & get a Work Permit or residency visa in the UAE

Business with No Experience

You don’t need Experience, or ideas & get a Work Permit or residency visa in the UAE but you want a work visa in the UAE if you wish to work permanently or for a long period in Dubai. There are various requirements to meet to obtain this license, often known as a labor card. Both before and after arriving in the UAE, the procedure is completed. To receive the labor card, you must follow all the regulations both before and after.

To start your own business, you can either obtain a business permit or a freelancing permit.

There are a few, but the most basic is that with a trade license, you will be able to add staff as you advance and become more successful, but with freelance permission, you are the single practitioner of your trade. Get in touch with PRO service so if you want to keep expenses down and maintain your tiny size, a business permit. The choice to work part-time is another, entirely separate matter. A freelancer’s permission may also later be changed to a trade license.

Start a Business with No Experience, idea & get a Work Permit or residency visa

The steps you need to follow to get work permits and residency visa in UAE

Ministry of Labor approval

Getting the Ministry of Labor’s approval is the first step in the process of obtaining your work permit. This application must be made by the employer on the employee’s behalf for the procedure to begin. You can complete the process quickly if you are applying for a work permit in a free zone. Additionally, they look to see if a resident of the UAE is unemployed and qualified for the job for which you are seeking. If not, you will be given the go-ahead. The approval process will take roughly three days.

Job Agreement

Second, you must send the employment offer for the employee’s signature. It will then be given back to the employer. The contract stipulates that it must be written in both Arabic and English. It should be in the employer’s native language as well if it differs in any way from these two. The completion time will be close to two days.

Permit to Work

Before granting the entry visa, it is crucial to have the work permit granted. Additionally, the sponsor must be a registered UAE corporate company. Nearly 3 to 5 days will pass during this process.

Entry Permit Visa

You will be given a visa for an entry permit after acquiring your work permit. A pink visa is another name for this. It enables applicants to enter the UAE quickly. Based on this permit, you are allowed to stay there for a period of 30 days, and it may be extended for an additional 30 days until your work permit is approved. This process will take close to three days to finish.

Updated Entry Permit

If you have an entry permit visa, you can enter the UAE; but, if you are currently there on another type of visa, you must either alter your status or obtain a new entry permit to stay for two months. Within these 60 days, you must finish the formal work permit application process.

Service Center for Emirates ID

The employee must then visit the Emirates ID service facility with an original, valid passport and entry permission to complete the process. It is a means of having your ID verified there. Your biometric data must be verified, and the procedure will take close to a day to complete.

Medical examination

The UAE authorities demand that all foreigners undergo medical screening to identify any potential medical issues before issuing work permits to the employees.

You won’t be able to obtain a work visa there if you have a major illness. The entire procedure will take a day to finish.

Medical result

You must obtain the findings of the medical exam and provide them with your application. This will serve as evidence that you are free of any significant illnesses. Additionally, the process will take close to a day.

Labor Agreement

The employee must provide the labor contract that has been signed as a certificate attestation with the work permit application. The employee will also be given a new deadline to submit a request for contract renewal to the UAE Ministry of Labor within 14 days of the new deadline. The employee may also upload the employment agreement on the websites of the Ministry of Labor. It will take 14 days to finish this process.


Once you have the permit card, which serves as a receipt, the UAE government will officially begin processing your payroll. It takes about 5 days to complete this operation. The card should be stored securely and carried at all times.

Health Insurance

Everyone in the UAE is required to have health insurance, thus you should also be required to obtain a medical insurance card. You cannot obtain a work permit in the UAE without a medical insurance card. The issuing of the insurance card will take close to five days.

From DNRD stamping

Once you have all the necessary paperwork, including the findings of your medical examination, your medical insurance card, and your work permit, you must visit the Department of Naturalization and Residency Dubai to have your passport stamped. Your residency permit will subsequently be given to you.

Collection of IDs

Collecting the Emirates ID, which is required for daily verification in the UAE, is the last action to take. You do not need to always travel with your passport on you. After receiving your passport’s stamped resident visa, this process takes roughly ten days.

You are no longer required to worry. You are prepared to work in the UAE for a very long period. With assistance, Connect attestation agencies can help you obtain your permission quickly.

Get a solution for starting a business and obtaining employee visa quotas by connecting with business setup and professional services (PRO) firms in the UAE

Get a solution for starting a business and obtaining employee visa quotas by connecting with business setup and professional services (PRO) firms in the UAE Because they typically have far more skill than a company’s workforce, business setup companies in the UAE offer unique business solutions. A business consultant often works for a larger business consulting firm that helps in the establishment of businesses for investors. Entrepreneurs may want to take into account the advantages of the level of knowledge Consultants bring in as a long-term strategic plan that they supply. It is impossible to make note of professional and efficient PRO services when getting work permits in the UAE. The PRO (Public Relations Officer) is the primary point of contact for your company with the several government agencies you’ll need to work with on matters ranging from license issuing and visa management to permits, notarization, and other legal needs.

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