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Everything You Need to Know about Starting a Business in the UAE and Why it's the Best Place for Entrepreneurs

Business in the UAE and Why it's the Best Place for Entrepreneurs

When it comes to starting a business as a foreigner in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is one of the best options. For those who are wondering why it is a good idea to set up a business in the UAE, this article will explain why.

Of course, there are many countries where foreigners can invest, but few offer the same incentives that will entice investors to start a business in the UAE. If you are thinking about becoming a boss and starting a business in Dubai as a foreigner, here are seven compelling reasons why the UAE should be at the top of your list.

A strong economy

The UAE has one of the most open economies in the world, not just in the Gulf region. It has consistently maintained high rates of economic growth for decades. If you want to start a business in the UAE, the first step is to choose a location with a strong economy.

Laws That Encourage Investment

From Dubai to Abu Dhabi to Sharjah, the UAE government has put in place several laws that are specifically designed to make it as easy as possible for a foreigner to start a business in Dubai. If you are a foreign entrepreneur, this is the country for you. There are entire sets of laws designed specifically to meet the needs of foreign investors.

Outstanding Workplace

Starting a business in the UAE will not produce the desired results unless you have the right hands to sort your tasks for you. In the United Arab Emirates, however, this is not the case. In the United Arab Emirates, however, this is not the case. This is due to the UAE’s abundance of skilled and even unskilled workers from all over the world. As a foreign investor, finding dedicated, committed, and affordable workers to help you run your business will be the least of your concerns.

Excellent Infrastructure

The UAE government, as an investor-friendly authority, has ensured that foreign investors have access to the best amenities and infrastructure. From mass transportation systems to corporate spaces to health centers and countless business parks, this country is an unbeatable offer for foreign investors.

Favorable Tax Policies

If you invest in the UAE to start a business in Dubai as a foreigner, you will benefit from some of the most business-friendly tax systems in the world. For instance, there are particular tax-free zones with complete tax breaks.

An environment that is welcoming

Emiratis are well-known and loved for being among the most welcoming people on the planet. Having a business in a society that welcomes foreigners and everyone is a positive boost for any business brand.

Unique Location

One of the most important considerations when looking to start a business in Dubai as a foreigner is the location. Few places can compete with the UAE in terms of location. This country is located at the center of global trade, between Africa, Europe, and Asia.

Everything You Need to Know about Starting a Business in the UAE and Why it's the Best Place for Entrepreneurs

Some of the basic things you should keep in mind while starting a business in The UAE

A new company can now be established in Dubai without too much difficulty. You can even form the company and finish all legal procedures in a week. If you truly intend to establish a business in Dubai, you must first consider some fundamental aspects.

Type of license:

You can obtain three types of licenses from the Dubai Economic Department. Industrial, commercial, and professional. License types may differ depending on the licensed activity. Commercial licenses cover all types of trading, such as food trading, general trading, garment trading, electronic trading, and so on.

Professional license activities include restaurants, IT services, education, events, facility management services, and consultancies.

Dubai and other emirates are ideal locations for obtaining a manufacturing license. The license is granted to companies for them to manufacture new products in their plants or factories.


If the foreign partner requires 100% ownership, regardless of the type of business, a free zone is the best option. In the UAE, there are numerous free zones. You can select a free zone based on factors such as location, visa requirements, budget, and so on.

If you want to enter the UAE market, you must first obtain a license from the economic department. The foreign license in the Economic Department can hold 49% share and the balance 51% belongs to the UAE local National.

Company Name:

Any trade license requires a company’s trade name. Unless it is a branch office, the company name should reflect the business activity. For booking trade names, the Economic department has specific rules.

Capital stock:

During the license incorporation, the minimum share capital must be shown in the MOA. In most cases, there is no need to pay any capital. Some free zones require that the capital amount be deposited into a bank account.

Working environment

Any company formed under the economic department must have an office space. You can finalize the office space as soon as you complete the initial process (trade name approval, MOA). The minimum office space required is 200 square feet. It is subject to change depending on certain activities related to municipally regulated work.

It is not necessary to find office space in a free zone because most free zones provide various types of offices based on the needs of the business. Partners can select from Flexi desks, executive offices, and so on. The amenities include electricity, internet, and so on.


All legal trade assesses in the economic department or free zone can hire employees for business operations. You can obtain various designations based on the qualifications of your employees. If the employee is seeking a managerial position, certificate attestation is required. The number of visas available is determined by the size of the office. If the company requires additional visas, the Ministry of Labor will grant permission. Normally, different types of packages are available in a free zone. The package fees may vary depending on the visa requirements. The package includes the cost of the license, office rent, and registration fees, among other things.

Running and growing a business is difficult, but starting one should not be if you partner with the right company. Firms such as attestation service agencies have built a distinguished reputation in the UAE’s business landscape by providing people with the right advice, on-time processes, and at the right price.

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