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The Latest Updates in Marriage Certificate Attestation in the UAE

Updates in Marriage Certificate

Marriage certificate attestation in the UAE is a critical process that certifies a marriage certificate’s authenticity for official use inside the country. According to the most recent revisions, the UAE government has implemented new norms and laws regarding certificate attestation services. These modifications are intended to streamline the attestation method and increase the efficiency and reliability of marriage certificate validation. We will look at the significant developments in marriage certificate attestation services in the UAE and highlight the importance of these changes for individuals and authorities engaged in the process.

Latest Updates in Marriage Certificate Attestation in the UAE

Updates in Marriage Certificate

Attestation Services Centralization

The centralization of services is one of the significant changes in the marriage certificate attestation process. The UAE government has designated centres for attesting documents, including marriage certificates. These centres aim to serve as a one-stop shop for all attestation requirements, eliminating the need to visit multiple government departments.

System of Online Applications

The UAE government has implemented an online application system for marriage certificate attestation in order to promote convenience and reduce physical interactions. Applicants can now begin the process, submit required documents, and track the status of their application via an easy-to-use online platform.

Document Requirements Revised

The document requirements for marriage certificate attestation in the UAE have been updated. Applicants are now required to provide a copy of their original marriage certificate, as well as a valid identification document, such as a passport or Emirates ID. Additional documents, such as Arabic translations or authentication from the issuing country’s embassy, may be required in some cases.

Processing Time Reduction

The UAE government has significantly reduced the processing time for marriage certificate attestation by implementing digital systems and streamlined processes. As a result, applicants can expect faster document verification and attestation, saving both time and effort.

QR Code Integration and Digital Verification

The UAE authorities have integrated digital verification and QR codes into attested marriage certificates to improve document security and prevent fraudulent activities. This enables relevant authorities and employers to scan the QR code and validate the certificate’s authenticity directly via an online portal.

Attestation Updates via Mobile App

The UAE government has launched a mobile application that provides real-time updates on the status of documents, including marriage certificates, undergoing attestation. Applicants can receive notifications on their smartphones, keeping them up-to-date throughout the application process.

Revisions to the Attestation Fee

The UAE government has revised the attestation fees for marriage certificates as part of the updates. The fee structure is now clearer and is determined by the type of document.

E-Attestation Recognition

In accordance with global digitization trends, the UAE now accepts e-attestations performed by authorised institutions in select countries. This makes it easier for expatriates to obtain attestations from their home countries before arriving in the UAE.

Certain Nationalities are exempt

Certain nationalities are now exempt from the marriage certificate attestation process. Citizens from specific countries may be exempt from some attestation requirements based on bilateral agreements or diplomatic relations.

Improved Customer Service 

The UAE government has established dedicated customer support services for marriage certificate attestation to address questions and provide assistance. Applicants can contact us via phone, email, and social media, resulting in a more efficient and user-friendly experience.

Those looking to have their marriage certificates certified in the UAE must be up-to-date on all rules and specifications issued by the UAE government or the relevant embassy. To guarantee the veracity and authenticity of documents, modifications may be made to the attestation criteria and processes. In order to complete the attestation process quickly and steer clear of any potential delays or problems, applicants should always consult official sources.


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