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Is it possible to work for a housewife in a company while she is on her father's or husband's visa?

work for a housewife

Of course, a housewife who is in a husband or souse visa capable of working for a company in UAE. A family-sponsored visa allows you to sponsor a member of your family for a temporary or permanent visa UAE. A sponsor must believe in specific responsibilities in relation to your family member, which varies depending on the visa category allowed. However, all sponsors must ensure that their family member is supported during their initial settlement in UAE so that they do not become a burden on the UAE community. The sponsor of a temporary sponsored family visa must ensure that their family member will follow the visa conditions and leave UAE at the end of their visit.

What is a spouse visa or husband visa meaning in Dubai, UAE?

A spouse visa is a type of permit that usually grants the right to reside but often comes with a long list of requirements that must be met ahead of time. Note that, being married does not always qualify you for a spouse visa or husband sponsor visa.

Many countries’ first issue before granting a spouse visa is whether the relationship is genuine or simply a cheap trick to get someone into the country. Before the spouse visa is issued, you may be required to provide proof that you are a ‘genuine’ couple, including attending interviews.

Although the country you wish to live in will provide you with a list of required documents, there are some additional steps you can take to increase your chances of having your spouse’s visa application approved. This includes providing additional evidence of your relationship, Marriage certificate attestation to prove your relationship legally. Spouse Age must be above 18 years Birth certificate attestation will be useful to prove age.

father's or husband's visa

Benefits of Having a Spouse visa:

The most advantage is having a spouse or visa; you can live here in the UAE if you have a spouse visa or a supported Dubai residency visa. You have the opportunity to work in any organization in the UAE in addition to living there. While you apply for job it will recommend that you have to attest to your educational certificates to prove your educational qualification.

In the event that you change careers while holding a spouse visa, your employer only needs to apply to the Ministry of Labour for your work authorization. If you are a member of the MOL organization, that is. There is no standard for this, although the majority of free zone organizations demand that you work under their sponsorship.

Who are eligible to get family sponsor visa in Dubai, UAE

On the website of the Ministry, it is stated that both a husband and a wife can sponsor each other to receive a work permit. A work permit can be requested if a girl above the age of 18 is employed legally under the sponsorship of her father.

Documents needed for a housewife to work include:

🔹 A No Objection Certificate (NOC) signed by the spouse

🔹 Work contract Copies of the company’s labour and immigration establishment cards Copies of the company’s trade licence

🔹 Work contract Copies of the company’s labour and immigration establishment cards Copies of the company’s trade licence

🔹 Copy of the employee’s passport, visa, and EID, as well as the employee’s sponsor/ spouse’s.

🔹 Attest personal documents like marriage certificates, educational certificates, birth certificate

🔹 Validated academic certificates (dependent on job title)

🔹 Photo with a white background

Additionally, it will be necessary to give the following information to applicants who have previously had employment: a copy of a labour card cancellation

Is it legal to work in any organization if you have husband or spouse visa in UAE

Even if her visa states “housewife not permitted to work,” a wife who is sponsored by her husband is allowed to work in the UAE if her husband, as her sponsor, provides a letter of no objection to the employer. The employer is not required to provide a visa but must apply for a work permit, also known as a labour card.

Physical cards are no longer issued, but employers are required to file a proper application for a work permit in accordance with the law. This includes submitting an application to a Tasheel centre with copies of visas, photographs, the NOC, and the applicable fee, which varies depending on the company’s category.

Both sides should sign an employment contract. An individual will be working illegally unless a work permit is obtained, and both sides may be fined. It should check with the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation or her local Tasheel office to see if there is a proper record of her employment because it is only recorded online.

The Application Process for a Worker's Card or labour card in UAE:

🔹 Request an employee’s job offer letter (Ministry of Labour – Tasheel)

🔹 Employee must sign and stamp the employment offer letter with the business stamp.

🔹 Tasheel has been given a signed and stamped copy of the job offer letter.

🔹 2–5 working days for initial approval

🔹 application for a work permit

🔹 Paying labour costs

🔹 Create an application for a labour contract (Ministry of Labour – Tasheel)

🔹 Application for a labour contract has been submitted to the employee, who must sign it and use the corporate stamp.

🔹 Application for a labour contract that has been signed and stamped is given to Tasheel for approval and for the initial contract.

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