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Chamber of commerce attestation in Dubai, UAE

Chamber of commerce attestation in Dubai

With UAE being a land of chances in terms of jobs and enterprises, hundreds of individuals are migrating there from other countries in the hopes of earning a better living and establishing a successful business.

If you are not a UAE citizen and wish to enter as a foreign national, you must follow specific rules and regulations as well as certain procedures. If you want to start your own business in UAE, you will need to go through a lengthy process of obtaining approval from the UAE government as well as other government and government-sponsored entities, both in your home country and in Dubai, UAE.

What is a Chamber of commerce attestation in Dubai, UAE?

The UAE Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a public, non-profit organization that was founded in the 1960s to support the Emirate’s business community and to promote UAE as a business center. Given the rate at which UAE is replacing many areas as a prominent business destination, there needs to be an institution or agency that oversees all commercial operations, including how they are founded and run. The Chamber’s primary goals are as follows:

✔️ To establish a suitable and encouraging climate in which enterprises can thrive.
✔️ Aid in the establishment and growth of businesses.
✔️ To achieve excellence, manage resources efficiently.
✔️ To position UAE as a premier worldwide business center.
✔️ The required documents for Chamber of commerce attestation in UAE

If you intend to relocate to UAE to establish a new business, you must have your certificate attested by various authorities, the most important of which is the UAE Chamber as it is the body in charge of regulating the establishment and management of enterprises in the Emirate. of Commerce and Industry

The Chamber must receive the following documents for attestation:

✔️ Financial Plan for the Compan
✔️ Incorporation Certificate
✔️ Letter of Invitation
✔️ Inspection Certificate
✔️ Authorization Letter
✔️ No Objection Letter Company Profile
✔️ Origin Certificate
✔️ Banking papers Bills of Exchange
✔️ Financial Statements, Commercial Invoices, and so on

Depending on the nature of your business and the activities you want to engage in while in UAE, you may be required to produce various types of commercial documentation. Other types of certificates, however, will not be attested to by the Chamber. Here are a few examples:

✔️ Birth certificate
✔️ Marriage certificates
✔️ Divorce Certificates
✔️ Certificates of Education
✔️ Foreign Invoices
✔️ Certificates of Origin for Trading Companies
✔️ Copies of passports
✔️ Employment contracts, and so on

Procedure for the chamber of commerce attestation in Dubai, UAE

Although the Chamber must certify your commercial certificates in UAE before you can officially establish your business, there are other phases in the procedure. The following authorities must certify your certificates before you can start your business in UAE.

Attestation by the Notary Department: Regardless of the type of paper or certificate, the Public Notary in your state or city must attest to it. You must go to the Public Notary or Collector’s office for this because, without the Notary’s stamp of authenticity, the following authorities will not stamp your documents.

Home Department/ HRD Attestation: HRD/Home Department Even if your major objective for visiting the UAE is to start a business, you must have your personal and educational certificates validated by the Ministry of Human Resource Development and the State Home Department, respectively.

(MEA): This is the final agency of the home government that must execute the attestation procedure for your certificates and certifications. All of your paperwork must be stamped by the Ministry of External Affairs, which is the government department in charge of overseeing the country’s foreign affairs. Once your certificate has been verified, you will be transferred to the authorities of the UAE government.

Attestation by the UAE Chamber of Commerce and Industry: Before the UAE Embassy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs can attest your certificates, the UAE Chamber of Commerce must go over all of your commercial documents and stamp them, stating that you are now permitted to establish or expand your commercial activities in UAE. Other authorities will not approve your visa unless the Chamber approves your documentation and certificates.

UAE Embassy Attestation: Your certificates will be checked and attested by the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates. Once the Chamber has approved your paperwork and permitted you to conduct business in UAE, the embassy will stamp them as well.

Attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA): Because UAE is not a signatory to the Hague Convention and is a Gulf country, you must get your documents attested by the MOFA in UAE. It is a government department in charge of the country’s foreign affairs, and for your visa to be confirmed, the MOFA must attest your documents and allow you to open a business in UAE. The treatment does not require your actual presence.

If you want to start a business in UAE, you must first present your idea to the UAE Chamber, get all of your commercial certificates attested by it, and then apply for a license to conduct business in the country. You cannot set up without it.

Since it is a multi-step process that necessitates careful attention to detail, having a document certified necessitates skill and a thorough understanding of the procedures involved. Handling it on your own can result in unneeded delays, blunders, and costs.

Power attestation service has years of experience conducting genuine attestation of valuable credentials and certificates while keeping security concerns and customer requirements in mind. Among our attestation services are:

✔️ Attestation by Embassy and Consulate
✔️ Apostille from Hague Convention countries
✔️ Attestation from state governments and ministries all across the world

We can handle Chamber of commerce attestation in UAE, commercial certificate attestation such as Articles of Association, Certificate of Good Standing, Certificate of Name Change, Certificate of Incumbency, Certificate of Constitutions for the company, the memorandum, licences and agreements, resolutions and minutes, and so forth.

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