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Embassy certificate attestation in Dubai, UAE

Embassy certificate attestation in Dubai

Seven developing emirates make up the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The UAE Attestation process is necessary when applying for a visa in United Arab Emirates (UAE), whether for personal or professional purposes. The process of UAE attestation will prove the legality of the certificates. Verifying the documentation that immigrants are carrying is called attestation. UAE attestation is a process that is necessary for travellers to the United Arab Emirates. The significance of UAE attestation is overstated because people frequently travel to the UAE for a variety of reasons. UAE attestation is a common procedure carried out globally since the United Arab Emirates attracts more tourists than other destinations.

Embassy attestation in Dubai, UAE is a challenging and drawn-out process from beginning to end. The parties involved should have a basic awareness of the entire procedure and know which government agency to contact depending on the certificates that need to be attested. To meet all standards and speed up the process, many people and companies are looking to engage expert certificate attestation services. power attestation services help you to get your Embassy attestation in UAE.

Process for Certificate attestation from UAE Embassy.

The UAE Embassy’s certificate attestation procedure can be divided into three steps:

Step: 1

✔️  In the case of educational certificates, the state’s responsible and official educational department

✔️ The state Civil Status department that issued the certificate or the Department of Home Affairs in the case of a non-educational certificate

✔️ The country’s Chamber of Commerce, for commercial certificates.


The certificates are sent to the Ministry of Affairs of the nation where they were issued for additional authentication after being attested by the appropriate issuing authority.

Step :3

The certificates are delivered to the UAE Embassy of the nation for attestation after being attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Step: 4

You also need an attestation from MOFA in the UAE to finish the process.

You can complete the above procedure by yourself or you can use dependable, reasonably priced attestation services to speed the entire attestation process on your behalf. You can rely on power attestation services to provide high-quality certificate attestation services and prompt delivery of your attested documents.

The different types of Certificates need to be attested for Embassy attestation in UAE

Embassy Attestation in UAE is a process by which the documents provided by the university issued in India are accepted in the UAE. The process involves the following steps:

✔️ Applying for a Letter of Authority from the , UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs

✔️ Applying for an Apostille from the Ministry of External Affairs, India,

✔️ Attestation of the university documents by the UAE Ministry of Education and

✔️ Attestation of the university documents by the Indian Embassy in UAE.

Depending on their nature, common traits, and the appropriate government department that needs to be contacted to obtain them verified, the sorts of papers that need attestation are grouped into three categories. They include:

✔️ Educational certificates
✔️ Non-Educational certificates
✔️ Commercial certificates
The kind of certificate is used to decide which government agency the applicant should contact to get the actual report attested.

Educational certificate attestation

For usage with UAE work visas, company formation, higher education, and job applications in Abu Dhabi, UAE, educational qualifications can receive attestations from the UAE embassy.

An associate educational certificate is a certificate that has been witnessed by a person, department, or authority and bears their official seal and signature. This attestation also confirms that the department issued the specific Associate Educational certificate and that the seal and signature are genuine.

Procedure for educational certificate attestation in UAE
✔️ SDM and the HRD (human resources department) (sub-divisional magistrate).
✔️ Ministry of external affairs(MEA).
✔️ Embassy of the UAE certification.
✔️ Ministry of foreign affairs(MOFA).

Non-educational certificate attestation

The procedure of having a certificate witnessed by a government official with their official seal and signature is known as non- Educational certificate attestation. The certificate’s seal and signature serve as proof of its authenticity, and this attestation proves that it was issued by the designated department. Non-educational certificate attestation is important for UAE employment visas, spouse/family visas, children’s visas, or parent visas.

Procedure for Non-educational certificate attestation
✔️ Attestation by a notary.
✔️ Ministry of external affairs(MEA).
✔️ Attestation from the UAE embassy.
✔️ Ministry of foreign affairs(MOFA).

Commercial certificate attestation

Commercial certificate attestation is the Chamber of Commerce’s authentication of commercial certificates. Commercial certificates are proof of your company’s capital and are authenticated if you are wishing to conduct business in Abu Dhabi, UAE. permission from the police Certificate of Fingerprints Criminal Background Check

Procedure for Commercial certificate attestation
✔️ Chamber of commerce attestation
✔️ Ministry of external affairs(MEA).
✔️ Attestation from the UAE embassy.
✔️ Ministry of foreign affairs(MOFA).

Reason for choosing power attestation services for your embassy attestation in UAE

Depending on the certificate that needs to be confirmed for UAE attestation, the certificates are sealed and signed by the relevant agencies. The immigrant is qualified to enter the UAE once the UAE attestation procedures are finished. He/she will be regarded as having valid certificates. Without permission from the host country’s MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), UAE attestation procedures are divided (UAE). UAE attestation must be completed in the country where the certificate was originally issued. The attestation process and time frame occasionally change depending on the rules established in each country.

Every certificate comes with our 100% authentic attestation guarantee. We provide our clients with the option of online tracking. Our staff is always available to assist customers, both online and over the phone. We send texts and emails to update you on every status. We are the finest business because of much more. Send us a scan of the certificates to or give us a call at +971 529099234 for additional information about UAE attestation. Without your presence, we may complete any form of certificate attestation procedure from anywhere in the world.


The procedure for attestation of the document(s) takes a little while because the UAE is not a signatory to the Hague Convention. The four different categories of government institutions are involved throughout the entire procedure. Which are:

1, The Department of Home Affairs or other appropriate entity in charge of issuing the required papers
2, The country of the different categories of government institutions originates from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
3, The UAE Embassy in the nation where the paper was created
4, Take the paperwork to the MOFA in the UAE to get it authenticated.

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