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Employment certificate attestation in Dubai, UAE

Employment Certificate Attestation in Dubai

The UAE has always been a top priority for professionals, workers, businessmen, and investors. There are multiple reasons why it continues to be an attraction for individuals from different walks of life. Many people choose the UAE because of its high level of service, safety, strict compliance with rules and regulations, and diversity in all fields. It’s a country full of opportunities. Along with all of these benefits, it has always welcomed people from any background, religion, or field of work. Employment Visa in our blog today.

One of the most important certification procedures in the country is the attestation of employment certificates. which has an attestation stamp from the UAE Embassy Furthermore, it must be done from the certificate-delivering country. It is a required document. It is a requirement for the visa, for anyone studying abroad, along with educational organizations.

Why is employment certificate attestation required for a UAE work visa or to apply visa?

The reason you are required to complete certificate attestation from your home country is that it authenticates and legalizes your documents in the eyes of UAE authorities and employers. Every year, thousands of people travel to the UAE, particularly to Dubai and Abu Dhabi, in search of better job opportunities. When it comes to document verification, the UAE government addresses strict protocol is required the validity of documents bearing a signature and stamp.

Employment certificates attestation helps to avoid cases of document deception, alteration, and duplicity and ensures that your certificates are genuine and your employment history is verified from other organizations.

When applying for a UAE work visa, you may be required to submit all of your education certificates for attestation, demonstrating your education and training for the specific job. The following are some examples of educational documents or certificates that may require attestation:

✔️ UG or Degree Certificates which is attested.
✔️ Diploma Certificate Attestation.
✔️ PG Degree Certificate Attestation.

In addition to educational documents, you may be required to submit non-educational documents for attestation. Among these are:

✔️ Attested birth certificates.
✔️ Attested marriage certificates.
✔️ Attested medical certificates.
✔️ Attestation of transfer certificate
✔️ Attestation of genuine certificate

If you are going to the UAE to look for business opportunities and set up a business, you will also need an attestation for commercial documents. However, because commercial document attestation is a large topic in and of itself, we will discuss it in another blog.

How do get employment documents attested when applying for a UAE work visa?

While you can do the certificate attestation work on your own, it will take a significant amount of time, effort, and legwork. However, if you want a stress-free and hassle-free experience, you should hire certificate attestation services from a reputable company. The following is a summary of the attestation process for educational and non-educational documents:

For Educational documents:
✔️ Attestation from a notary or the appropriate state university
✔️ certification from the State Home Department or Human Resource Department (HRD) (SHD)
✔️ Ministry of External Affairs certification (MEA)
✔️ certification from the Indian Embassy of the UAE

The procedures are the same for documents that are not educational. The only difference is that your state university’s attestation is not required. Instead, a notary’s attestation is required. You might require attestation from one of the three departments, including SHD, HRD, and Sub-Divisional Magistrate, for state-level documents (SMD). You will then require embassy and MEA attestation.

Process for Employment certificate attestation in Dubai, UAE:

Firstly, as declared before, the Attestation of Employment certificate is an extensive process. It is a step-by-step attestation process to be carried out while waiting for the final attestation by the UAE embassy. Moreover, stated below is the attestation procedure for the Experience/Employment Certificate for UAE

✔️ notarized certification

At first, all other steps involved in a deed’s course have already been completed with certification by a notary. It is obtained from the neighbourhood notary, typically by way of a signature and stamp as well. Second, the notary is the most essential step for any certification procedure involving the government. It is the initial step in the Apostille process for personal and educational documents.

✔️ Home Department Attestation

The State Home Department grants approval for Home Department Attestation Certification for personal documents. A marriage certificate, degree certificate, and birth certificate are included in the personal document verification. Only the officials chosen by the Home Department are permitted to attest personal documents, and they are the only ones who can do so. It is the next step in the legalization of educational and personal documents.

✔️ SDM Certification

For the Home Department and, in rare situations, for (HRD), the SDM is different. Even so, some authorities strongly demand HRD attestation for academic records. Sub-Divisional Magistrates operate firmly and independently of the main state government.

✔️ MEA Stamp:

The Ministry of External Affairs, also known as MEA, is the level of authentication used previously by the domestic administration. An MEA stamp is then helpful on the document. The MEA is the primary agency charged with overseeing the nation’s external relations.

✔️ Diplomatic Attestation

The employees of the specific nation for which the documents are being certified approve it. For the majority of nations, it comes after the MEA, or Ministry of External Affairs, in the verification process.

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There is a long list of documents for which you might need confirmation. The time frame required depends on a number of factors, such as the country for which you need the attestation, the type of documents you need attested, or the state HRD you require it from. Normally, it takes between 7 days and 1 month to finish. The previously mentioned problems will subtly affect the time period.

Attestation of employment certificates occurs from two countries; one from the country where it’s issued and another from the country using it. Importantly, it may easily be influenced by the scope of the request as well as the location where the documents were distributed. UAE attestation fees may be low or high and are subject to change. Typically, extra services like document attestation with pick-up and drop-off services are available at your doorstep.

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