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Experience certificate attestation in Dubai, UAE

Experience Certificate Attestation in Dubai

An experience certificate is issued by an organization to prove that the Job Applicant or employee has valid experience with the organization. After leaving the organization, it is a good idea to request an experience certificate for your future career and to apply new job.

The purpose of experience certificate attestation is to prove that the data on the certificate is exact and was provided by a valid organization. The information on the experience certificate describes the employee’s employment history, including the job’s duration, duties, and accomplishments. This employment certificate will be printed on business letterhead and bear the company’s official stamp and signature.

Any experience certificate issued by a company must be attested before HR at the company will accept it. Therefore, the experience certificate requires attestation just like any other document. The process for attesting an experience certificate is step-by-step. It requires a MOFA stamp in order to be accepted in the UAE. Obtaining MOFA attestation for a certificate required additional attestation from the country where the certificate was issued.

Documents required for attestation of Experience Certificate in Dubai, UAE:

In order for us to obtain attestation on your behalf, you will typically be required to submit the following documents;
✔️ Original Experience certificate
✔️ A copy of your passpor
✔️ Two recent passport sized photographs
✔️ An authorization letter.

The process for attesting for experience certificates is as follows:

Experience certificate attestation is required to use the document for any legal purpose in the UAE. Every step of the process for completing the attestation of an experience certificate will be handled by power Attestation Services.

Experience certificates are required in every country, and in the UAE, they must be attested before being used officially.

How to obtain a UAE experience certificate and the process for experience certificate attestations:

✔️ Notary Certification
✔️ Attestation from the home country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Ministry of External Affairs.
✔️ Embassy or Consulate of the UAE Attestation
✔️ The Department of Foreign Affairs certification from the UAE

The main purpose of having Experience attestation in the UAE

The purpose for which the applicant is requesting the Attestation of the Experience Certificate must be chosen and specified. Some of the goals and intentions mentioned by clients who apply for attestation are listed below.

✔️ To apply for a government job in the UAE.
✔️ To submit a job application for any particular profession.
✔️ Like the purpose of medical migration.
✔️ To utilize some bank services.
✔️ As evidence of the professional background in a particular field.
✔️ Loan applications.
✔️ Visa Application.
✔️ To fulfilled the company’s internal requirements

The Validity of Experience certificate attestation:

Experience Certificates are legal documents that the employer can use to verify the employee’s job responsibilities and experience. When you want to join a new organization, you most often need to have your experience certificate attested. Even more crucially, you must have your experience certificate attested if the new company is based in a foreign nation. This is evidence that you worked for that specific company. People occasionally ask about the reliability of attestation, please be aware that an attested certificate has no expiry date. The terms of validity are not written anywhere on the stamps or seals.

We are well-known for experience certificate attestation for following reasons:

✔️ Picking up and delivering certificates from the client’s location on time

✔️ Up-to-the-minute information on the status of attestation

✔️ Constant follow-up to ensure that the attestation of the experience certificate is completed within the time frame specified.

✔️ Industry experts with extensive experience

✔️ Various packages based on the client’s need and urgency

✔️ Reasonably priced packages for attestation of experience certificates in the UAE

✔️ Friendly relationships with officials to ensure a smooth process


Only documents that have been attested are considered authentic in the UAE. In the UAE, attestation of experience certificates is now required. The experience certificate attestation confirms the truthfulness of the document.

In the UAE, an apostille is not considered a valid document. The authorities in the UAE accept only attested documents. Apostille is accepted in countries that signed the Hague Convention in 1961. The UAE was not a party to the agreement to the relevant convention.

The time required would be determined by a number of factors, including the country of origin. Moreover, the attestation professionals’ experience may influence the speed of the attestation. It is critical to assign the attestation to an experienced and dependable agency in order to complete the attestation within the time frame specified.

The fees for attestation of experience certificates in the UAE are quite low. There is no need to be concerned about the costs of attestation of the experience certificate for the UAE.

Individually pursuing experience certificate attestation is not a problem. However, inexperience may have an impact on the process. Additionally, someone must track the attestation process and coordinate between departments in order to complete the attestation as wanted.

For many years, power attestation services have been one of the most trusted attestation services in the UAE. Our experienced team follows the procedure exactly in order to complete the attestation in a timely manner. Since our inception, we have been known for providing responsible attestation services. We are the best agency for your UAE experience certificate attestation. We guarantee responsible attestation and attestation within a specified time frame.

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