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Ministry of foreign affairs (MOFA) Attestation in UAE

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) and International Cooperation serve as a link between the UAE’s wise leadership and people on one side and the rest of the world on the other. The Ministry has numerous responsibilities, ranging from overseeing all Embassies representing the UAE to engaging in bilateral agreements and pacts with other countries. In addition to these responsibilities, the Ministry is in charge of the verification and authentication of certificates issued outside the UAE as well as certificates issued in the UAE that will be used outside.

MOFA attestation is required in the UAE in order to recognize your certifications. Most firms in the country require qualifications and certifications before hiring you.

The UAE government also requires you to get your qualifications and credentials validated so that they know you are not using fake certificates to acquire a job. And, whether you’re looking for a visa, study, medical treatment, or something else, your paperwork must be confirmed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Who can get MOFA attestation in UAE?

You must get your certificates attested by MOFA in the UAE if you are a tourist, student investor, firm, resident, or citizen. This means that all ex-pats who are here to work or live must have their certifications attested by the government.

What are the document required for MOFA attestation in UAE

  • Original Certificate
  • Passport Copy
  • Visa Copy

Process for getting MOFA attestation in UAE

  • You can submit the appropriate certificates for attestation to any of our branch offices.
  • After receiving the certificate, we will complete the initial attestation procedure based on the document type and the state in which it was issued.
  • We will submit the certificates for attestation to the MEA.
  • The certificates are then submitted for attestation to the relevant country’s embassy.

We can also assist you with MOFA attestation services in UAE.

Importance of MOFA attestation in UAE

  • In order to obtain an Employment Visa/Labor Card in the UAE.
  • To further one’s education in the UAE or in another country.
  • To attain Exams for the Ministry of Health (MOH) and the Department of Health (DOH).
  • To obtain a residence visa.
  • A transfer certificate is required for entrance to schools in the UAE.
  • Authority of Attorney
  • To obtain the right to sell or purchase property in the UAE.

What different types of documents need to attest by MOFA in UAE

Personal certificates

  • MOFA Attestation for Degrees and Other Educational Documents

MOFA will attest to all degrees, diplomas, and other educational certificates within 24 hours. We assist you in getting your educational certificates attested by MOFA.

  • Birth and death certificates require MOFA attestation.

Power Attestation Services can assist you with MOFA attestation procedures in the UAE for marriage, birth, and death certificates.

  • Attestation of Medical Reports and Certificates by MOFA

Power Certification Services offers high-quality MOFA attestation for all of your medical reports and certificates.

  • Attestation of Experience Certificates by MOFA

Power Attestation Services can assist you in obtaining MOFA Attestation for your experience certificate in the UAE.

  • Attestation of Divorce and Marriage Certificates by MOFA

We assist you in obtaining MOFA Attestation for your divorce and marriage certificates as one of the best attestation services in Dubai.

Commercial certificates

Obtaining a Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation for your business setup or work documentation is required in order to open a bank account, form a company, or apply for a loan in UAE. However, engaging in the process on your own can be a distressing experience due to the comprehensive verification and assessment procedure as well as the work of dealing with multiple translated versions.

Allow the qualified personnel at Power Attestation to guide you through the procedure at record speed and at a low cost! Depending on the nature of the commercial document and the action you wish to take, your document must conform to the following protocols:

  • Notary public verification
  • Authentication by the Department of Foreign Affairs
  • UAE Embassy Attestation
  • Dubai Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation

Attestation by MOFA for Power of Attorney certificates

As a reputable Attestation agency, we offer quick and dependable MOFA services for Power of Attorney certificates.

Commercial permits

  • Contracts for recruitment
  • Budget acceptance
  • Official commitments to launch or close a business
  • Registration of a product
  • Registration of a trademark
  • Partnership dissolution

When applying for a job in the UAE, one of the requirements is attestation. It will be more difficult to get a decent organization where you can show your professional talents and experience without your attested documentation. Power attestation service offers;

  • Guaranteed quickest processing time
  • No-hassle experience
  • Free document pickup and delivery within UAE

Contact us for more details.


MOFA can attest education credentials in 1-2 days, but in an emergency, UAE MOFA Attestation can be completed on the same day if all education certificates are submitted.

Yes, all required certificates must be attested by the UAE Embassy in the applicant’s home country. MOFA will only authenticate and stamp the certificates at that point.

Without a doubt. An individual must certify and present the necessary certificates to enter the country in order to obtain a study visa, resident visa, or business visa. Attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is required for papers such as marriage certificates, educational certificates, birth/death certificates, and so on.

To obtain an employment visa, MOFA requires the following certificates to be attested: marriage certificate, birth certificate, fingerprints, death certificate, divorce certificate, Police Clearance certificate, transfer certificate, and so on.

To get a study visa, resident visa, or business visa, an individual must certify and produce the relevant documentation. Marriage certificates, educational certificates, birth/death certificates, and other documents require attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

MOFA requires the following documents to be attested in order to acquire an employment visa: marriage certificate, birth certificate, fingerprints, death certificate, divorce certificate, Police Clearance certificate, transfer certificate, and so on.

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