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Power Of Attorney Attestation in Dubai, UAE

Power of Attorney Certificate Attestation in UAE

A Power of Attorney (POA) attestation is the legalization of a letter of authorization to handle private or business affairs or represent themself in legal matters. The distinction is based on the nature of the power granted and the tasks that the attorney is permitted to handle. In the presence of the Notary Public, the Power of Attorney is signed and notarized. Only with a certified copy of the Power of Attorney can the attorney exercise this power. The fees for attestation of a Power of Attorney in the UAE will vary depending on whether the document is for commercial or non-commercial purposes.

What is the importance of a power of attorney attestation service in Dubai, UAE?

Services for the power of attorney attestation in Dubai: A power of attorney (POA) is a document that gives another person you choose the authority to act on your behalf when you are unable to be present and deal with your case physically. The  Power Of Attorney (POA) document specifies exactly what this assigned person is capable of doing.

In Dubai, UAE, documentation and attestation/legalization of Power of Attorney are required for personal and business purposes. When it comes to documentation, the UAE authorities are highly selective. The UAE government will accept your Power of Attorney or Power Of Attorney (POA) only after the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has attested it.

There are two kinds of power of attorney available.

Attestation of General Power of Attorney (GPOA): A general Power of Attorney grants the designated individual greater authority to complete routine transactions or deeds.

Attestation of Special Power of Attorney: A one-of-a-kind Power Of Attorney (POA) has a narrower scope. It specifies what actions or transactions the designated individual can carry out for your benefit.

Documents required for the power of attorney attestation :

The following documents are required for attestation of power of attorney

✔️ Power of Attorney, as well as a few photocopies

✔️ Original identity card

✔️ Evidence of residency

✔️ Names of partners

Procedure for the power of attorney services

✔️ The first step is to sign the power of attorney in front of a notary public in your home country.

✔️ Attestation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Home Country)

✔️ The UAE Embassy/Consulate has certified it (Home Country)

Following that, power of attorney documents can be brought into the UAE for further processing:

✔️ UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs stamp (in UAE)

✔️ Legal translators are authorized by the UAE Ministry of Justice to translate legal documents into Arabic.

✔️ The UAE Ministry of Justice issued a stamp to certify the Arabic translation.

How long does it take to complete the attestation process for a Power of Attorney?

Obtaining the UAE Power of Attorney Verification Certificate is a multi-step process. To obtain the final Consular stamp, the Certificate must go through a mandatory primary legalization process from various authorized departments. So it takes 15 to 20 working days for a Power of Attorney  Attestation , and the time depends on the type of documents and the location where they are issued, though there are several ways to expedite the process

What is the cost of a Power of Attorney Certificate Attestation?

The Power of certificate attestation fee varies by state and country of origin. It could also be influenced by the urgency of the requirement, as well as the location where the documents were received and the type of document. If Power attestation Services is involved, the attestation fee may be reasonable or high, depending on the extra utilities such as document authentication with pick and drop service. Call our sales representative and find out the exact UAE Power of attorney attestation fees.

You will be able to get quick responses for all types of government transactions, including writing the strength of the lawyer and sanctioning procedure, by utilizing our leadership. Endorsement verification required extra care in order to protect your safety and return to you safely once validation was completed. It is always preferable in this case to have a clear picture of who you are delegating your unique archives. Power attestation services guarantees the safety and security of your declaration and back it up with long-term experiences.


A general power of attorney grants the agent broad powers such as handling insurance, making gifts, financial transactions, business transactions, making business decisions, and so on. This is very useful for people who are unable to physically handle such matters, are out of the country and unable to travel, and have other similar scenarios.

A Special Power of Attorney is created to handle a particular task or matter. As a result, the attorney’s authority will be limited to the scope of the task mentioned. It could be written for the sale of property or assets, credit control, handling business transactions, and so on.

  • You must type and sign a power of attorney in a specific format.
  • Power of Attorney Notarization in Home Country
  • Foreign Affairs Ministry Stamp (Country of Rome) UAE Embassy or Consulate Home country postage stamp
  • Arabic legal translation stamped by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs MOFA for use in any Dubai Court.
  • UAE Ministry of Justice stamp in Arabic legal translation

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