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Salary certificate attestation in Dubai, UAE

Salary certificate attestation in Dubai

A salary certificate in UAE is an official document issued by a company attesting to a worker’s full-time work there. A salary certificate contains all the necessary details about the employee, including position, pay, responsibilities, and length of employment.

For a variety of reasons, people who live in the UAE may need to have their salary certificates attested. For example, citizens may require it when submitting loan applications, tax returns, or even loan applications in their homeland. Recently, the UAE government introduced a number of initiatives to speed up the attestation procedures. We’ve created this guide, which covers the different aspects of salary certificate attestation in the UAE, keeping in mind the entire process

Salary certificate attestation is required because the verification system validates the document. A salary certificate can then be presented to those who require it after it has been attestation. The attestation process for salary certificates entails the documentation being presented before different ministries and higher jobs for verification.

What is a Salary Certificate attestation in UAE?

Every new company requests the previous company’s salary certificate as proof of employment and salary. UAE attestation on salary certificates is a required process because the UAE government verifies the authenticity of the salary certificate. Salary certificates are attested by authorities or authorized persons to prove their authenticity, and the attestation also confirms that the specific salary certificate was issued by the industry and that the seal and signature on that certificate are genuine. Salary certificates issued in the country should be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Documents required for Applying for Salary certificate attestation in Dubai, UAE

You will need the following documents to apply for attestation of salary services:

✔️ A salary certificate on company letterhead.

✔️ A copy of your passport with a valid UAE residence visa.

✔️ If your salary is less than Dh10,000 and you are applying for attestation in UAE, you may be asked to provide your labour contract.

The procedure to attest salary certificate attestation in UAE

✔️ In the beginning, the Chamber of Commerce will be the agency in charge of attestation.

✔️ The document will then be authenticated by the MOFA, or Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

✔️ The final step involves the UAE embassy in the issuing country; the UAE embassy will attest the salary certificate if it has been attested by all relevant departments.

Importance of Salary certificate attestation in Dubai, UAE

Salary certificates will be important for the following purpose:

✔️ Immigration applications or proof of ability to sponsor students studying abroad.

✔️ for submission totax authorities

✔️ Family court cases outside the UAE in which husbands must prove their earnings in the UAE.

✔️ Banks located outside of the UAE to back up loans or facilities.

Why choose Power Attestation Services to certify your Salary certificates in the UAE?

Power attestation services is a reputable firm in the UAE that handles all elements of successful salary certificate attestation. Our expert team relieves our clients of all burdens, and we respond quickly to queries and updates. Moreover, our clients value our collection and delivery services, which provide maximum convenience. This means you are not required to come to our office if you are unable to do so. We can simply send a team to your location, anywhere in the country, to collect your document and deliver it once it has been successfully attested. Every document we attest is safe in the hands of professionals with years of experience in providing attestation services in the UAE.

Power attestation services can assist you in having your salary certificate properly attested. We can ensure that the attested salary certificate will be recognized in your target workplace fields by handling the entire process for you. If you want to work for a reputable company in the country, you already know that attestation is critical. The attestation of a salary certificate can lead to new job opportunities for those looking for better jobs. Other countries, besides the UAE, require the attestation of a salary certificate when hiring foreign workers.


You must bring the original document to be attested, and the paper must not be laminated. Residents of the UAE must also bring their passports with the visa page or Emirates IDs.

If you go to a Power attestation service with the necessary documents, the process can be completed in a matter of minutes. However, if you use a courier service, the process usually takes three to five days.

They can get in touch with the UAE embassies in their home countries

Yes, you can assign someone to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to attest your salary certificate.

The process is relatively simple, but if you’re short on time, you can always sub-contract to one of the many expert companies that offer the service.

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